Lost Laptop? Less worry, I got my file backed up with cloud storage!

April 5th, 2014

I am extremely happy that I signed up for a cloud backup service. Having a mac backup service that had archived my documents out in the cloud and separate from my laptop really saved me today. I was relaxing in the student union after an especially stressful test in my econ class. I had grabbed a smoothie and was just sitting in a big, comfortable chair, trying not to imagine how low my grade was going to sink.

2upapplecloud_primar-100012192-largeI was also trying not to think about the paper on the War of 1812 I needed to write for my American military history class by the following Wednesday. I had brought my laptop which is one of the most important thing for me, I even purchased a VPN service provider for it and love its anonymous surfing (anonym surfen) feature with me in case I felt like working on it after my test, but at that moment, I felt like doing just about anything else.

Anyway, I must have dozed off or something, because when I looked down, my bag with all of my papers and, most importantly, my laptop was gone! Someone stole it while I was nodding off. I panicked immediately. My life was on that computer. All of the assignments that I needed to turn in for the next week were at least part way done, and I had already done all of the initial research and note-taking necessary to write that paper on the War of 1812. All of my hard work was going to be for nothing!

imagesBut then I remembered that I had recently subscribed to a mac backup service. All of the files on my MacBook were stored safely in the cloud. I would be able to access them at home on my desktop with no problems. The laptop being stolen was a huge disappointment, but I can always just buy a new one at some point. The data that was on that computer was irreplaceable, I even got a great VPN service provider for it from the top resource on the best vpn service provider, though, so I am lucky that I had signed up for a cloud backup service. So remember, if your computer gets stolen or break, don’t stress about it. Just cloud.


Back up your MAC using Cloud Storage

April 4th, 2014

apple-logo-640-80 copyI travel a lot for work. I could be in Paris one week and in Ontario the next. Last week, I was in London and found that I’d forgotten one of my business presentations. It was saved in my computer, but since my laptop was all the way across the city in my hotel, it wasn’t doing me much good. When I got to the office where I’d be doing the presentation, I explained my situation. Someone mentioned a very interesting thing that I can keep in mind for the next time I prepare a presentation. It was a service called a cloud backup service. I’ve heard people talking about this mac backup option before, but I hadn’t realized just how important it could be for someone who travels as much as I do. Apparently, this kind of cloud storage service can allow you to store anything you want in a secure server that you can access from anywhere in the world. However, I also find out that a choosing the right VPN provider is also a great help and I’m glad that I got one, if you’re looking for a safe and secure VPN service provider, this may help http://www.bestvpnreviews.co.uk/ib-vpn-review/. Now that is something that I need! This mac backup can also help reduce the amount of things I store in my own computer.

images copySince I do a lot of presentations, with slides and images, this can save me a lot of room in the future. One of the worst things about working at a job that has me traveling so much is that I have to constantly worry about what I need or don’t need for a particular meeting. Now, with just cloud storage along with my laptop’s VPN service provider (to know what service provided I used click here), I can make my life so much easier. I might even be able to enjoy traveling when I don’t have to worry about what I need to have with me. Cloud storage is going to have a huge impact in the way I do my presentations from now on, and I will never have to apologize for forgetting a file again. I will definitely turn to cloud storage, and so should you, and remember a good VPN service provider like “hide my ass” (visit http://www.bestvpndenmark.dk/hidemyass-anmeldelse-review/ for review) would be a great help!